What I’ve Read Lately: May/June Update

If you’re emerging from this bountiful summer reading season to land on my blog, hello, thank you and let’s make this quick so we can get back to it. (That stack of TBRs won’t read itself!) Here’s what I’ve been up to:

What I’ve Liked Lately

chevy“Never Let You Go” by Chevy Stevens

I read “Never Let You go” while traveling and in a rather distracted state. Perhaps that’s why I never felt *super super super* invested in it — too much good-looking PNW scenery to focus on while I read. While it’s not my favorite book ever, I did enjoy it and would — in fact, already have — recommend it to others. It’s well-written, I didn’t see the twisty end coming and there’s excellent character development.

This was my first Chevy Stevens novel, but I garner that she has quite a devoted following. I plan to pick up “Still Missing” and whatever she releases next.

“The Mourning Hours” by Paula Treick DeBoard

paulaAbout a year ago, I read Paula’s “The Drowning Girls” and liked it so much that I requested my library buy 2013’s “The Mourning Hours.” They did, but I didn’t get around to reading it until last month, when my library holds ran short and I needed a backlist book I could pick up that day. And gosh, I’m glad I did!

Check out Goodreads for the plot, but know this: Paula Treick DeBoard is a really underrated voice in the thriller space. She belongs at the top of the list among the most favored names — she is that good. “The Mourning Hours” — her debut! — is beautifully written; I lingered over many raw, striking lines and the sense of place she masterfully creates. And good news: She’ll be back in January 2018 with “Here We Lie.” Sounds right up my alley — can’t wait.

What I Haven’t Liked

“It’s Always the Husband” by Michele Campbell. I got to page 115, turned to another book and loved that one so much more that I decided not to return to this one. (There’s only so much reading time, so might as well spend it on what you’re going to enjoy the most.) The writing is mediocre, and while it’s a grabby enough storyline, I wouldn’t recommend it as more than a really fast, pretty meaningless beach read.

What I’m Just Starting

“This is How You Lose Her” by Pulitzer-winning Junot Díaz

“The Weight of Lies” by Emily Carpenter

…and, coming soon: what I’m most excited for in the coming weeks!